We use UK sizing system, based on our own chart of measurements.

In order to choose the right size, we strongly recommend to check your measurements against our Size Chart.

Size Chart - Women                   Size Chart - Unisex                   Size Chart - Girls 


The best way is that all measurements are taken without your normal clothing (only on underwear), or just a very thin and tight (stretch) garment as chemise or leotard. For close-fitting garments, to ensure a precise measurement, you will need to wear the actual undergarments you will be wearing with the planned garment. The shoes will be important to ensure the correct length and posture. To avoid non-correct readings of your measurements, you should ask for support by a second person. Please take extra care to ensure accuracy. Also, make sure the tape measure is held snugly and firmly (not tightly) against your body and is always parallel to the floor for circumference measurements. It is important to keep your back straight during the measuring.

Bust  - measure around the body at the fullest part of bust and straight across back. Do not allow the tape to fall at the back.
Waist  - around the body at natural waistline.
Hips  - around body at fullest part approx.20cm below waist.
Shoulder to Shoulder -  with your hands down along the body. Measurement from shoulder end to shoulder end, across back.

Height  - measure without shoes, standing against a wall.
Skirt Length  - measure at the back, from the waist down to required hem length.
Dress length - from the base of the neck (larynx hollow at the bottom of the neck) straight down to required hem.
Sleeve Length  - bent the arm slightly, measure from the shoulder bone over the elbow to the wrist.


Size Chart Women


Size Chart Unisex

Size Chart Girls